Up in the mountains: reaching 50K TPS with Neo

Testing setup

We’re using neo-bench b0d9cb2c83fda5fef741e19df3497109754b8323, but this time we’ve decided to try more combinations of various parameters (more on that later) and stock NeoGo 0.98.0 on the same machine as for the recent tests (Ryzen 9 5950X, 64 GB RAM, SSD).

Standard mempool

First, we’ll repeat the same test as it was done with 0.97.2, using 50K mempool, 10 worker threads, and 1M transactions.

Tuned mempool

Single node

Four nodes

Our previous test clearly reached the settings limit, so just increasing the mempool wouldn’t be enough for this network. Hence, we’ve also decreased block time in this setup from five seconds to just two. While it seems very aggressive (four nodes need to agree on a quite big block during this timeframe), it actually works fine.


We should emphasize that while the system we’re running these tests on is quite capable, it’s probably not the top-notch hardware by the 2021 (soon to be 2022) standards. It lacks any fancy GPU, it’s not overclocked, and even the amount of RAM it has is somewhat unnecessary, it’s just that the machine has it, but all of these tests could easily fit into 16GB. So, properly configured N3 networks can deliver a lot of raw performance on commodity hardware, 50K TPS are possible for a single node and 15K for four nodes.



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