Benchmarking Neo N3 final

Test setup

We do benchmarks using neo-bench, and it hasn’t changed much since the last post except for one small thing— we had to optimize the benchmark itself to reduce its own CPU consumption. That’s because we’ve got to the point where this tool started affecting the results (processing huge blocks is hard not just for nodes). Not in a big way, but still somewhat noticeable, so fixing it was important. Apart from that, it only received some adjustments regarding the protocol changes.

Single node

Just a friendly reminder, our regular single-node test runs with one-second block interval and mempool capacity of 50,000 transactions. So, theoretically, the limit for this setup is 50K TPS, and Neo nodes are getting closer to it.

Four nodes

This network runs with a five second interval between blocks, so its theoretical limit is 10K TPS. And we’re getting really close.


As we can see, a single Neo N3 node can now provide about 30K (or 3W if you prefer) TPS in NeoGo implementation and 8.8K is no longer a big problem in networked scenario. While these raw numbers are measured in a somewhat sterile environment they still are important to understand where the limits are and what can be expected of a real network. Neo N3 protocol has a lot of potential in it and we’re ready to deliver this potential to our users.



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