NeoFS T5 Testnet has been started

How to start with NeoFS T5 Testnet

Create Wallet and get neofs-cli

$ wget -O neo-go$ chmod +x neo-go$ cp neo-go /usr/local/bin/neo-go$ neo-go --version
neo-go version 0.99.1
$ wget -O neofs-cli$ chmod +x neofs-cli$ cp neofs-cli /usr/local/bin/neofs-cli$ neofs-cli --version
Version: v0.30.1
GoVersion: go1.17.11
  • Create an N3 wallet and check your address.
$ neo-go wallet init -w wallet.json -a
  • To get your wallet address and the public key, you can use the following command:
$ neo-go wallet dump-keys -w wallet.json
NTRyEpPKFHaxj8uphYi54DJtbbCUtyYjyg (simple signature contract):
  1. Open NEO3 Testnet Faucet and request GAS.
  2. Check your address here to see that everything is done correctly.

Make a Deposit

neo-go wallet nep17 transfer -w wallet.json -r --from {address} --to  NZAUkYbJ1Cb2HrNmwZ1pg9xYHBhm2FgtKV--token GAS --amount {amount}
  • {address} — N3 address from your wallet (NTRyEpPKFHaxj8uphYi54DJtbbCUtyYjyg in example above)
  • {amount} — number of gas tokens to add to the NeoFS balance
$ neo-go wallet nep17 transfer -w wallet.json -r --from NTRyEpPKFHaxj8uphYi54DJtbbCUtyYjyg --to NZAUkYbJ1Cb2HrNmwZ1pg9xYHBhm2FgtKV --token GAS --amount 20Enter password > 
Network fee: 0.00123252
System fee: 0.01451339
Total fee: 0.01574591
Relay transaction (y|N)> y

Check NeoFS balance

$ neofs-cli -r {NEOFS_ENDPOINT} -w wallet.json accounting balance
  • {NEOFS_ENDPOINT} — any NeoFS node. Actual endpoints information is available here.
$ neofs-cli -r -w wallet.json accounting balance Enter password > 

Create your first container

  • private,
  • public-read,
  • public-read-write.
$ neofs-cli -r -w wallet.json container create --policy 'REP 2 IN X CBF 2 SELECT 2 FROM F AS X FILTER "Deployed" EQ "NSPCC" AS F' --basic-acl public-read --awaitEnter password > 
container ID: 7gHG4HB3BrpFcH9BN3KMZg6hEETx4mFP71nEoNXHFqrv
container has been persisted on sidechain

Upload a file to NeoFS

$ neofs-cli -r -w wallet.json object put --file cat.jpg --cid 7gHG4HB3BrpFcH9BN3KMZg6hEETx4mFP71nEoNXHFqrv --attributes content_tag=cat,my_attr=cuteEnter password > 
233776 / 233776 [===============================================================================================================================================================================] 100.00% 1s
[cat.jpg] Object successfully stored

Get your file or share it with friends

$ neofs-cli -r -w wallet.json object get --cid {CONTAINER_ID} --oid {OBJECT_ID} --file {PATH_TO_FILE}

Search for objects with some specific attributes in the container

$ neofs-cli -r -w wallet.json object search --cid 7gHG4HB3BrpFcH9BN3KMZg6hEETx4mFP71nEoNXHFqrv --filters 'content_tag EQ cat' --filters 'my_attr EQ cute'Enter password > 
Found 2 objects.

Try our public HTTP Gateway{Object ID or file name}




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