NeoFS N3 TestNet Release and First Episode of NeoFS Beginner’s Guide


NeoFS Components

First steps in NeoFS

Create Wallet

  • Get Neo-Go (will be used here) or Neo-CLI to work with N3 Network.
    Neo-Go’s latest releases are available here.
wget -O neo-gochmod +x ./neo-go --version
  • Create N3 wallet and check your address.
neo-go wallet init -w new_wallet.json -a
  • To get wallet information and WIF, you can use such command as:
neo-go wallet dump -w new_wallet.jsonneo-go wallet export -w new_wallet.json --decrypt {ADDRESS}
  1. Open NEO3 Testnet Faucet and request GAS
  2. Check your address here to see that everything is done correctly

Make a Deposit

neo-go wallet nep17 transfer -w {wallet} -r {NEO_ENDPOINT} --from {address} --to {NEOFS_CONTRACT_ADDRESS} --token GAS --amount {amount} hash160:{address}
  • {wallet} — path to your N3 wallet
  • {address} — N3 address
  • {NEO_ENDPOINT} — any N3 node (e.g.,
  • {NEOFS_CONTRACT_ADDRESS} — NeoFS contract address is NadZ8YfvkddivcFFkztZgfwxZyKf1acpRF in the current N3 Testnet version
  • {amount} — number of gas tokens to add to the NeoFS balance

Check NeoFS balance

wget -O neofs-cli.tar.gztar -xf neofs-cli.tar.gzchmod +x neofs-cli
neofs-cli -r {NEOFS_ENDPOINT} -k {WIF} accounting balance
  • {NEOFS_ENDPOINT} — any NeoFS node (e.g.,
  • {WIF} — private key in hex, WIF, or file path to .key file

Create your first container

neofs-cli -r {NEOFS_ENDPOINT} -k {WIF} container create --policy "REP 3" --basic-acl public-read --await

Upload a cat to NeoFS

neofs-cli -r {NEOFS_ENDPOINT} -k {WIF} object put --file {FILE_PATH} --cid {CONTAINER_ID}

Get your cat or share it with friends

neofs-cli {NEOFS_ENDPOINT} -k {WIF} object get --cid {CONTAINER_ID} --oid {OBJECT_ID} --file {PATH_TO_FILE}

Search for objects with some specific attributes in the container




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