NeoFS Local repository provides an environment for NeoFS: inner ring nodes, storage nodes, NEO private net, and external applications running in a single host by a straightforward command. Today we updated NeoFS Local with a new version of NeoFS node app v.0.2

This update provides some new features we want to share with you.

Support of NeoFS Proto repository

A couple of weeks ago, we published NeoFS Proto. With this library, we were able to separate most of our external applications into repositories. We already open-sourced NeoFS CLI and later will publish HTTP gateway and drop-in service.

With NeoFS Proto and NeoFS Local you can try out API and build your own go application with native support of NeoFS storage.

Local version of Send.NeoFS

Send.NeoFS was launched as an example of services the one can build on top of NeoFS testnet. While testnet is in testing phase and may be unstable, you can run your own version of Send.NeoFS with local NeoFS network. Start up drop-in service in NeoFS Local and go to localhost:7001 address.

NeoFS Local is available at
Your feedback is very appreciated, stay tuned!

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