Multisignature transactions with notary subsystem

Multisigning in accounts and transactions

Multisigned transaction
INDEX    OPCODE       PARAMETER                                                             
1 PUSHDATA1 02103a7f7dd016558597f7960d27c516a4394fd968...
36 PUSHDATA1 02a7bc55fe8684e0119768d104ba30795bdcc86619...
71 PUSHDATA1 02b3622bf4017bdfe317c58aed5f4c753f206b7db8...
106 PUSHDATA1 03d90c07df63e690ce77912e10ab51acc944b66860...
141 PUSH4
142 SYSCALL System.Crypto.CheckMultisig (9ed0dc3a)
INDEX    OPCODE       PARAMETER                                                                                                                           
0 PUSHDATA1 199bdd216a4c6c4548fa04c2e75a20cbcbcc85baecd...
66 PUSHDATA1 b17f98a9649938a035caf57dda7eb5d169f80620df2...
132 PUSHDATA1 6d5d1157541c033ce9ede5fe16893ca27b2154dd823...

State of multisigning

Block signature collection over P2P
Committee out of band signing
Oracle signature exchange
Centralized signature collection
keys = getTrustedKeys() 
for k in keys {
if runtime.CheckWitness(k) {
signerKey = k break
if signerKey is null {
// return error
storage.Put(requestID+signerKey, "")
if countSigners(requestID) < m {
return // Wait for more signatures.
// Do the action.

Notary subsystem

Example notary payload
Notary signature collection over P2P




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